Winter Sweet

Rice harvested in winter is stored in the warehouse. In the paddy are not the green seedlings, but all kinds of plants for crop rotation, such as rape flowers. The golden yellow is everywhere and the pink calliopsis dancing with the wind. The floral sea is supposed for farmers to stop planting and get the nutrients back to the soil, but in the eyes of the travelers, the view is a fantastic backdrop for photo shooting. Winter in Provincial Highway 9 is capricious, it can be cloudy or drizzling a lot. Staying indoors to play with the seeds, make clay pots or roast and smolder food in the kiln outdoors. There are many ways to enjoy Provincial Highway 9 in winter.

Travel to the East in Winter Chishang, Taitung.

After the rice is harvested, the rape flowers will be grown in the paddy, the view is similar to but not the same as the rice cultivation period. The view is more golden yellow and the climate is better if visitors feel like running on . Rice Restaurant has all sorts of agricultural machinery and tools that bring visitors to the old day memories; the aroma of made-in-fresh dishes in and greet the customers; stories are diners’ side dishes in Chishang Bento Culture and Story House. A vast of floral sea and a plethora of tasty food await all the guests traveling to the east coast in winter.

Slow Travel and Have Fun Guanfu, Fuli, Hualien.

The skillful instructor knows the seeds well and makes creative art work by using these seeds. The instructor doesn’t have a double to give courses all around Taiwan, so we recommend visitors coming to seize the chance and take the creative course using materials from the nature. Camping in Luoshan, visitors can order food from and give children a chance to cook food in the kiln.

You Are an Artist Starting Late Chishang, Beinan, Taitung.

Flavors of fermented rice soup vary from store to store. fermented rice soup tastes thick and sweet, visitors can bring home a bottle of handmade fermented rice soup and spice up home dishes. Group visitors enjoy such a tour that they can relish food, have fun and bring something home. Saying good bye to food and then we had the show us how to pinch the clay and make a bowl or dish as a souvenir. It is a way to discover a hobby.