Summer Delight

Huadong Valley in summer is so lively that the flowers, fruits and rice extravagantly express their charm. A vast of golden rice fields and the fragrance of fruits accompanied me in my trip. Swinging into the lanes in the fields, I encountered one of the few tobacco barns left in Taiwan and took a plethora of Instagram worthy photos. There must be novelties for parents and children coming to the eastern Taiwan. For water play, our pick is the river where the indigenous people’s wisdom is hid, and for tea tasting, we recommend honey scented Black Tea and a new brand - Lioushihdan Tea. After sun sets, parents hold children’s hands and look for the terrestrial crabs and frogs together. The packed schedule of activities epitomizes the richness of Taiwan agriculture. The valley in every midsummer is worth visiting.

Looking Out Together and Looking Beautiful Guishan, Taitung.

Huadong Valley turns golden during mid May and early June, from Yuli, Fuli, Guanshan to Chishang where are replete with ears of rice. I shuttled back and forth in the fields to take photos. Tree Jinchengwu and Tree Jolin still attract many visitors and the installation art, “Stray Birds 197” is the latest scenic spot and each art piece has its own interesting personality. In on the main street of Chishang, visitors will find the traditional dessert, Niuwenshui; the souvenirs for family and friends, rice cake of Guanshan in and even the diversified tours in .

A slow travel for parents and children, just stay at a place with plenty of fun and take children to enjoy different experiences! Activities such as Balagao- Amis people’s way of fish catching. Catching fish and shrimps in the rivers within , parents and children can have fun, enjoy food, and beat the summer heat. There is no need to rush around and have a good time for the whole afternoon. grows organic lotus, provides activities like nocturnal guided ecotour, lotus picking and DIY lotus crispy cookies. Visitors can have multiple experiences in one place. It’s that easy and fun!

Water Play and Slow Travel to Beat the Summer Heat Guanfu, Shoufeng, Hualien.

A LOHAS Trip Fuli, Hualien.

For those love healthy, toxin free and fresh fruits, guava picking in in Fuli Township is recommended. Guavas that are freshly picked can be eaten right away in case travelers get hungry on the way back. Pop rice is a sweet memory in my childhood. Here we can find pop rice made of Fuli rice, and this DIY activity is a popular one held by . on Mt.Liushidan wins many awards in tea making contests, and the tea quality is as good as those from famous regions, if not better. This villa is a must visit for tea lovers.