Spring Fun

In the end of winter and beginning of spring, the fields full with rape flowers become the scenic spot. And the farmers show up for seedlings in the paddy and fields in the valley. When spring was still cold, the coldness reminded us of the cherry blossom season has already arrived on Ching 3 Farm. In a while, the shaddock trees in Ruisui will blossom, which is an indication of prosperity of the year. The plum in March and loquat in April beautify the springtime in the rift valley. In a moderate temperature, the fun of tours will be even highlighted.

Strolling in The Best Kept Secret Filled with Cherry Taimali, Taitung.

Facing the sea and watching the daily sunrise, Taimali Township has a which is full of cherry blossom in spring. The peach flowers are so eye catching that stop the travelers to take Instagram worthy photos. Mind you, make sure your phone camera has enough memory. There are not many travelers here. The narrow mountain paths emanate serenity, the quality of the kept secret, and for those who want to ditch clamor in cities, come check it out.

In Between Mountains and Ocean Ruisui, Hualien City, Hualien.

Hualien Port is against the mountains and embraces the ocean; visitors can go straight to after watching whales, and watch fishermen unload fresh fish and the auction, which can be interesting for a parent-child tour. Visitors can have their freshly-bought fish cooked by the restaurants next to the market. Tianmama Restaurant, Fresh Fish on Shore, is a good pick to taste the freshness of seafood, immediately from ocean to table. is famous, foodies, don’t miss it; is children's playground; and nature lovers can go to and have the camphor tree bath and let the Longyin Waterfall perk you up.

Fuli on Provincial Highway 9 has the simplicity and beauty of farming villages in Taiwan. Memories surge up as the spring breeze blows gently, my childhood fun in the fields came to my mind and my mouth curved in a smile. I like to bring local tastiness home returning from a trip. are as precious as our feelings, and my handmade plum vinegar carries all my best wishes. If you come to , bring a pack of Guanshan Rice home.

Taste of the Authentic Flavors Fuli, Hualien.|Guishan, Taitung.