Autumn Joy

Orange is the signature color of Provincial Highway 9 in autumn because of the daylily. The photos of the view can easily fill the memory of your phone camera. As the flower season ends, the coolness in autumn comes, and bathing in the hot spring is one way to stay warm, letting the steam open up the pores, a great way for a deep cleanse and relaxation. Or tasting DIY organic tofu which is free of food safety concern. The appreciate the color changes in Provincial Highway 9, you have to come in autumn, when there are blossoms and dying flowers, as well as the green seedlings and the golden ears of rice. Slow traveling in the rift valley in autumn, visitors can see the beautiful transition of seasons

A Carefree Trip to Floral Sea Fuli, Hualien.|Taimali, Taitung.

August is the daylily season, and the images and photos of these yellow orange are shared on every social website. It's a never changing theorem that flowers are the perfect foil for the people. Coming to the floral sea and taking photos for memories, the daylily fans are satisfied and their body and mind are relaxed. There is shuttle bus service for those who don't feel like driving to , Mt. Chike or Mt. Jinzhen in Taimali,. is a unique treasure where the adventurers looking for secret attractions wouldn’t want to miss. And the handmade Hakka vegetable bao is a must taste!

The Mouth-Watering and Hand-Making Food Trip Fuli, Hualien. | Chishang, Taitung.

The food education for parents and children can be a wonderful autumn trip. Coming to in Fuli to learn the relationship between tofu, soy bean and fermented bean curd, children can DIY handmade tofu, eat the tofu they make, and enjoy great sense of achievement. The thrills of pop rice can be found in . Participants can see the magical process turning rice kernels into pop rice. A souvenir for the fun trip, local Roselle is added to make the pop rice unique and red.

has facilities such as an outdoor swimming pool, a big sauna, SPA, water play pond.It has the largest hot spring and SPA in Zhibeng. Lying by the pool side- it's a little luxury in life. Eating is no longer to satiate the hunger, but to have a healthy and balanced diet. in Beinan is the role model of organic tea garden. Tea plucking and tasting are available here. In the Tianmama restaurant, visitors can enjoy Roselle dishes. An easy trip to Taitung can be so relaxing.

A Healthy Slow Travel Beinan, Taitung.