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Featured introduction-Tomato

Almost 50 kinds of tomatoes are planted throughout the year in Taiwan. The most common varieties are black tomatoes, momotaro tomatoes, golden tomatoes, and cherry tomatoes. With thin skins, a succulent flesh, and high sweetness, Taiwanese tomatoes contain lycopene, beta carotene, vitamins A and C, and other antioxidants, providing the Taiwanese people who enjoy them with high nutritional value.

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Vine Knot Educational Farm
Mama Pea's Leisure Orchard
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Good Machi Farm
Dargon Fruit Cantaloupe Tomato
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Sunshine Farm
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Tai Yi Ecological Leisure Farm
Passion Fruit Strawberry Tomato
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Healthy Fruits Agribusiness Farm
Tomato Cantaloupe
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Fong Shuo Orchard
Tomato Cantaloupe
Ho-i Farm
Cantaloupe Passion Fruit Tomato
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Genki House Greenhouse Orchard