Featured introduction Harvest season:From Oct. to Dec.
Featured introduction-Persimmon

Taiwanese persimmons are generally categorized as either astringent persimmons or sweet persimmons. Astringent persimmons are larger than sweet persimmons and are regularly shaped. After removing the astringency, they become crisp fruit, which are commonly called brittle persimmons. Sweet persimmons are smaller, and their tops are circular with a flat spheroid. The skin is red and yellow. When they ripen, the color turns bright red with a fine flesh and a crisp, sweet, and juicy taste. Sweet persimmons are best enjoyed fresh.

Featured introduction-Persimmon
Fruit Picking
Sweet Persimmon Tribe
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Xinfeng Farm
Loquat Peach Grape Persimmon
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Yung Yama Ecological Farm
Peach Pear Persimmon
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Water Village Farm
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Tung-Hsin Tourism Orchard
Jiuxiongpin Orchard
Plum Persimmon
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The Persimmon Brother Farm
Longan Persimmon
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Zhen Zhen Orchard
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