Featured introduction Harvest season:From Jun. to Sep.
Featured introduction-Pear

Known as the “Origin of Fruits”, 14 varieties of pears are currently grown in Taiwan, with hybrid pears being the most popular. Pears planted in Taiwan are protected by bagging and are never polluted by pesticides, from the time they are planted to the time they are harvested. Pears smell good, taste crisp, and are rich in protein, fat, carbohydrates, malic acid, citric acid, fructose, vitamins B1, B2, and C, etc.

Featured introduction-Pear
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A Zong Farm
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  • AddNo. 156, Rixing 3rd Rd., Sanxing Township, Yilan County 266
  • FBA Zong Farm
Jinpu Orchard
Mulberry Pear Tangerine Kumquat Guava Calamondin
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  • AddNo. 106-2, Zhenshan Rd., Zhenshan Vil., Yuanshan Township, Yilan County 264
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Bingzhi Orchard
Tangerine Pear
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  • AddNo. 47-52, Xiahu Rd., 3rd Neighborhood, Tianshan
Mama Pea's Leisure Orchard
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  • AddNo. 109-20, Xiping, Zhuolan Township, Miaoli County 369
Yung Yama Ecological Farm
Peach Pear Persimmon
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  • AddNo. 168, Ln. 688, Sec. 3, Dongqi Rd., Dongshi Dist., Taichung City 423
  • FBYung Yama Ecological Farm
Tung-Hsin Tourism Orchard
Shinhe Orchard
Loquat Mango Pear
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  • AddNo. 528, Sec. 4, Zhongsheng Ln., Dongguan Rd., Dongshi Dist., Taichung City 423
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