Featured introduction Harvest season:From Jul. to Aug.
Featured introduction-Longan

The primary production area of longans is located in the low-altitude mountains of central and southern Taiwan. With approximately 13 varieties, fresh longans are shiny and translucent, not sticky or soggy, and taste sweet and refreshing. Longans can be dried by roasting them in the kilns invented by our ancestors. Longan branches are used as firewood for slow burning, preserving the flesh’s nutrients, and improving the taste. Dried longans are among Taiwan’s specialty agricultural products that are often sought when people visit our island.

Featured introduction-Longan
Fruit Picking
Longan Pomelo Tangerine
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G.L.P Ground Farm
Plum Lychee Longan Tangerine
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Chia-Yi Leisure Farm of Great Nature
Lychee Longan
Fairy Lake Leisure Farm
Lychee Longan Tangerine Orange
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