Dragon Fruit

Featured introduction Harvest season:From Jun. to Nov.
Featured introduction-Dragon Fruit

With a shape that resembles that of an olive, dragon fruit is a king among fruits. With gorgeous and bright red peels, each dragon fruit weighs 500-1200 g, tastes sweet, and has a subtle fragrance. Dragon fruits are rich in pulp fiber, carotene, vitamins B1, B2, B6, B12, and C, calcium, etc. Taiwan cultivates two kinds of dragon fruits: those with white flesh and those with purple flesh.

Featured introduction-Dragon Fruit
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Fun 8 House Organic Farm
Dragon Fruit
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Good Machi Farm
Dragon Fruit Cantaloupe Tomato
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Xinke Dragon Fruit Orchard
Dragon Fruit
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Changhua Happy Dragon Fruit Orchard
Dragon Fruit
Ankan Farm
Dragon Fruit Papaya
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Happiness Pitaya Orchard
Dragon Fruit
River Forest Leisure Farm
Dragon Fruit
Hom Chi Organic Leisure Farm
Dragon Fruit
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