Custard Apple

Featured introduction Harvest season:From Aug. to next Mar.
Featured introduction-Custard Apple

With the best production technology and optimal fruit quality, Taiwan is the world’s main cultivator of custard apples. Beinan, Taitung County is the country’s largest production area.

Featured introduction-Custard Apple

They are generally divided into “big custard apples” and “pineapple custard apples”. The former has a thick flesh with a sweet and acidic taste and an aroma similar to those of passion fruit and pineapple, and the latter has a subtle aroma and a smooth and sweet taste!

Featured introduction-Custard Apple
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Chulu Coconut Forest
Custard Apple
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Malatan Flower Plantation
Avocado Custard Apple
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Shih-Yuan (orchard of custard apple) Farm
Custard Apple
Taitung A-Yang’s Custard-Apple
Custard Apple
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Spring Breezing Orchard
Custard Apple
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