Fruit Picking

Taiwan is the “Kingdom of Fruits”. Fresh fruits are available all through the year. Don’t miss an opportunity to pick-your-own-fruit regardless the season you visit. Let’s enjoy the happiness, health, and extraordinary taste brought forth by Taiwan’s fresh fruits together.

Please select the pick fruits area


  • Planting is not easy, Because of many kinds of fruit, there are several ways to pick for each fruit, Please follow the experience rules of farms or orchards, and safeguard the orchard environment jointly, We are all appreciated.
  • Please select only fresh and ripe fruits to pick, This is the best way to ensure you get the finest quality of fruits.
  • Please be realistic in assessing which fruit you want to pick, so as to prevent waste.
  • Because the fruit the seasonal variation easy to affect the fruit to produce the season, goes to the farm and the orchard picks in front of the fruit beforehand to relate, the appointment by all means must.