Flowers of Four Seasons

There are a myriad of colors on the lively island, and different kinds of flowers blossom in corners all the time that outline the vitality of Taiwan. Let’s learn something about these flowers in the tender spring, gorgeous summer, yellowish red autumn and chilling winter.

Where to Watch the Flowers

The azaleas in March, calla lilies in April, Tung blossoms in May, Golden Shower trees bloom in June, etc.; there are so many flowers, where on earth do you see them? We've mapped out the venues according to the north south, east and west zones in Taiwan, so that you can locate the flowers and go for them.

Celebrations and Festivals in Floral Seasons

Along with the blossoms, the city and county governments as well as the leisure farms organize relevant events such as the grand Calla Lily Season, Day Lily Season, and so on. There are also small scaled festivals and events for weekend getaway along with the blossom timeline.