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Night party for firefly seeing

Firefly watching in Beipu

Firefly watching in Beipu photo_1 Firefly watching in Beipu photo_2

■ Trip introduction

The summer is approaching and it is the season for firefly mating. Every year around this time, these mating fireflies with flickering lights attract many tourists. Have you ever experienced the spectacular scene of the whole field of fireflies whizzing around? Let's create some memorable moments by encountering countless fireflies.

■ Itinerary for the first day

Explore the Green World Eco-Farm → Visit Beipu Cold Spring and Beipu Old Street → Watch fireflies in Beipu → Lodge at Da Ai Mountain Inn

■ Highlight of the first day

The Green World Eco-Farm is a farm that combines the natural ecosystem along with recreation and entertainment functions. There are many organisms in various areas, including the beautiful swan lake, the butterfly eco-park which exhibits the butterfly's life cycle, the biodiversity adventure area with many flora and fauna, the discovery land, and the popular bird eco-park. You will feel very close to nature; even the bathroom has a primitive atmosphere. With so many areas, exhibitions, and a variety of animals and plants, you might have to spend a half or a whole day to walk around the park. If you need to replenish your energy, you can have a coffee break or grab a bite in the food court.
Afterwards, let's go to Beipu Old Street. Many visitors know how good Beipu's Lei Tea, rice noodles, and vegetable buns are; but they may not know that this little town behind the hills also has many unique characteristics, including its culture, geography, and natural resources. It will be a cultural feast to walk around Old Street. There are many vendors selling products with traditional Hakka features as well as tasty Hakka snacks and dishes. You will be busy with trying out these delicious Hakka foods. Afterwards, do not miss out on Taiwan's only salt water cold spring. Carbonate and sulfur have unusual coexistence in this cold spring. It is refreshing and comfortable when the cold spring water sprays on your body.
After sunset, all of the fireflies in the entire field are whizzing around to find their partners to mate, as if they are lamp-carrying angels. The population of fireflies multiplies as a result of the area being unpopulated, unpolluted, and unfarmed. After dark, tens of thousands of twinkling fireflies are dancing around; it is quite a spectacular scene. Surrounded by fireflies, you feel like you are embraced by stars in the Milky Way. The Beipu Mountainous area is a good place to have a wonderful firefly experience.
You will lodge at Da Ai Mountain Inn, a traditional style red brick building. The interior design and setting are based on the owner's collection of antique furniture, such as an eight-trigrams bed, a Hong Mian bed, window paper-cut, cornices, closets, and dressers, which were from the Ming and Qing dynasties and the early Republic. In addition, you can enjoy the carbonated hot spring built by the owner. Viewing the mountain scenery in the distance while you are bathing in spring water can wash away your tiredness from the trip.

■ Itinerary for the second day

Proceed to Nei Wan → DIY classes for making Lei tea and ginger lily zongzi at the Cherry Blossom Recreational Farm → Visit Hakka Nei Wan Old Street to experience Hakka culture → Departure

■ Highlight of the second day

After the breakfast in Da Ai Mountain Inn, let's go to the Cherry Blossom Recreational Farm! Across the street from the Nei Wan Hakka Folk Cultural Artifacts Exhibition Hall, the farm collects many old styles of farming equipment, such as ox carts, ox bows, and fire hydrant. The farm also offers real farming experience, such as collecting water with the ancient fire hydrant equipment. It also provides interesting, fun DIY classes for making mochi, Lei tea, and ginger lily zongzi. Following lunch with authentic Hakka cuisine, you will proceed to Nei Wan Old Street to be surrounded by the Hakka nostalgic environment.
You will then come to the famous Nei Wan Old Street which is full of Hakka culture and charm. Old Street has many traditional Hakka dishes and snacks, which may be vanishing soon. All of these Hakka foods including ginger lily zongzi, vegetable purple buns, Hakka Lei tea, Hakka ginger mochi soup, and Hakka rice noodles will be able to satisfy your appetite.
There are also shops for Hakka artwork, and restaurants for Lei tea and desserts; these bustling places are full of tourists. Some shops also periodically offer classes on making traditional Hakka artworks; you will have opportunities to learn how to make Hakka style artifacts. As you linger, you will notice the surrounding Japanese style architecture and the humble historic train station. After having delicious Hakka food, it is time to depart.

■ Transportation and directions

From Chu Dong or Er Mei, take Provincial Highway #3 to enter Beipu. When reaching the Beipu Station, turn on Chung Cheng Road (foothill of Xiu Luan Mt.) and proceed until you reach the destination.
Nei Wan
1.Take National Freeway #3 to the Chu Lin Interchange, then connect to County Highway #120 toward Nei Wan and proceed to reach the destination.
2.Take National Freeway #1 to the Hsinchu Interchange, then take County Highway #122 toward Chu Don, turn left to connect to Taiwan Line #3, turn left toward Nei Wan when reaching Heng Shan, and proceed to the destination.